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“I admire Castrol as they have the same commitment to success and winning performances as I do on the field. I’m honoured to be working with them and am excited to see how Castrol analyse my own performances!”

15 июля 2009, 08:00

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"The performance insights from the Castrol Index are crucial to me. I only have two eyes so I can follow the ball and see where a player is positioned but I cannot really measure what every single player’s performance is like physically. I don’t need extra help in the form of opinions, because that's not good enough for a manager. As a manager I need something secure to rely on. To be able to measure the real physical performances of the players is very important to me. With these insights from the Castrol Index I can make objective statements and judgements of the performances from all of my players."

15 июля 2009, 13:55


"The most effective use of data for any professional player is through it's interpretation by a professional coach to identify areas of strength and areas of weakness which can be worked on to improve performance.
As a former player I know how important these types of insights are, but the way Castrol is going to bring them to life for fans is fantastic. Players and managers have had access to this information for years and it's great Castrol are giving fans the same access to it."

15 июля 2009, 12:43


“As a manager, you’re always looking at your players and looking at their performances ‘Why did he choose that pass? What made him make that run?’ Ultimately, you’re looking for the insights on how to improve the team’s performance and find new methods of motivating them to overcome obstacles. Having something like the Castrol Index is great for managers, players and fans alike – there’s no doubt that the Castrol Index can be an important tool in helping to train and better prepare players for the games ahead.”

15 июля 2009, 12:39


“Using information on an individual’s performance is useful to a coach but must always be used alongside experiences directly from the game, as some players might look good in statistics but do not always influence the game. This approach allows the coach to correct mistakes for the whole team and prepare better for the next game. That’s what I try to do with the data Castrol provide – use the information to provide my unique insight that I hope helps fans enjoy the game more.”

15 июля 2009, 12:34


"Castrol invests structurally in football with the Castrol Index. The most interesting part of the Castrol Index is that is that it really adds something to my own perception. There is so much going on during a game, that it is impossible to see and evaluate everything myself. The Castrol Index is for fans, coaches and commentators as it holds useful and practical information; it helps to analyse games and the individual performance of players and teams."

15 июля 2009, 10:16

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